How to convert a bicycle to an electric bicycle?

- Part2- by an all-in-one hub motor conversion kit

Before ordering the all-in-one hub motor kits, you need to know if the axle its in your bike, and the wheel size and the tire specification.

imortor2 all-in-one electric bike conversion kit

The Imortor front hub motor kit fits in 100 mm or 110mm front axle.
Following steps will show you how to change your bike to the electric bike with the Imortor.

Step 1: Loose the V/ disc Brake of the front wheel on your original bike, then remove the wheel from your bike.
Step 2: Install the disc brake of the Imortor ( you could skip this step if using V brake)
Step 3: Install the Imortor wheel to front wheel position.
Step 4: Slip out the Right or Left Grip, Slip in the Thumb throttle and adjust its position to ensure your good operation on it and the gear shifter. Slip in the grip again.
Step 5: Install the phone holder.
Step 6. Install the brake sensor.
Step 7. Install the PAS.

More details please refer to the video of Imotor wheel kit installation and the Imortor manual.