iMortor is a front wheel electric bike conversion kit with battery, aims to help users including those greenhands of bicycles to convert a bicycle into an electric bicycle to within 30 minutes.
Within 30 minutes! Within 30 minutes! because the controller, the motor, the battery ( easy to plug in and pull out) have been installed together in the front wheel, which makes it simple to build your electric bike.

iMortor has been developed since 2014 and the first version iMortor1 was released in 2016. With years' efforts of the technical team, iMortor has been continuously updated and developed, and now we offer two popular front wheel kits -- iMortor1 and iMortor3.

iMortor1 electric bike conversion kit is with a 240W battery, 36V 3200mAh lithium battery, with it you could DIY your electric bike for the convenience of daily life and work. If you want a faster speed and longer distance, iMortor3 electric bike conversion kit can be a better choise. It comes with a 36V 350W motor, 7200mAh battery, and it is much easier to install.

More details or question about iMortor1 and iMortor3 electric bike conversion kit, you could vicit the product page.

iMortor1 iMortor3
imortor1 electric bike conversion kit with battery imortor3 front wheel electric bike conversion kit

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