E-bike Kit

What is electric bike conversion kit?

An electric bike conversion kit is a set of electrial units or components which could be installed in a regular bike to convert it into an electric bike.

Mostly an electic bike conversion kit incldes

  • a motor,
  • a controller,
  • a display (speedometer or bike computer),
  • a throttleaccelerater),
  • a pair of electric brakes (or brace sensor),
  • PAS-pedal assist system(some kits may not includes),
  • a Battery.

What types the electric bike conversion kit have?

According to the installing position, we could see 4 different electric bike conversion kits.

  1. electric bike conversion kit- front wheel 
  2. electric bike conversion kit- rear wheel
  3. electric bike conversion kit- mid drive
  4. electric bike conversion kit- friction drive

How to choose a electric bike conversion kit?

Here are some tips for choosing a front wheel or rear wheel electric bike conversion kit.

  1. Confirm the type of the electric bike conversion kit

If you could not make up your mind about which type, you could consider the following factors.

(1) Your bike conversion experience

If you are a greenhand on bike conversion, a front wheel ebike conversion kit is suggested.It is easier to install than rear wheel ebike conversion kit. You dont have to worry about transferring of the chain and the freewheel or adjusting the derailleur.


(2) Weight distribution

Most batteries are mounted in the middle or rear of an ebike, a front wheel ebike conversion kit could help to spread the weight forward and can improve weight distribution of your electric bike. For the daily commute, no or little hills or slopes, you could choose a front wheel ebike conversion kit to make your electric bike.

If your bike often load goods in the back, then a rear wheel electric bike conversion kit would be better, because the rear hub motor has more traction compared to the front.

(3) Terrain

In mountainous or climbing areas, rear motor electric bike works better, so you could choose a rear wheel ebike conversion kit. But should take a note of

popping wheelies” when the rear motor has a fairly high torque or the wheels diameter is smaller.

If the terrain is complicated, a rear wheel motor kit would be better. 

 2. Confirm the position of the battery and controller

Check your bike frame, the battery’ and controllers size and description, confirm if there is enough room for the battery and controller installation or not.

 3. Confirm the wheel size ( for the front or rear wheel)

Our front wheel or rear wheel electric bike conversion kits are available in any size for different bikes - mountain bikes, rode bikes, here are some references to help you choose it.

Our wheel sizes conform to the ETRTO ((European Tyre and  Rim Technical Organization )/ FRENCH wheel size measurement standard specs, for example ETRTO 47-622 FRENCH 700*45C .  if you want to figure out what your ETRTO/FRENCH wheel size is, you can :

Option 1: Comfirm it from your bike dealer

Check the online description or booklet about the bike, there will be a "Specs" section listing the specific FRENCH wheel size such as 26" or 700C or others, if not, just contact the bike dealer online or off-line.

Option 2: Check the tire markings

Most bikes have the ETRTO/ FRENCH wheel size marked on the tires, See the photo below.

tire markings- bike wheel size

More information of tire size can be found here:


4. Confirm the fork spacing( fork gap)

Different bikes would have different front forks and rear forks with different fork gaps.

You should choose the right wheel eletric bike conversion kit to fit into your bike frame.

For the front wheel ebike covnersion kit, usually it fits in the front fork with quick released  100mm *10mm axle, or maybe 80mm*10mm quick released axle, it cant be thru axle. See the following picture.

front fork

For a rear wheel ebike conversion kit, generally 135mm (or 142mm denpends on your choise) fork gap is matchable.

If it is a fat tire ebike conversion kit, 175mm (or 190mm denpends on your choise)  fork gap is matchable.

rear fork gap

How to install a electric bike conversion kit?

Here below lists some of our electric bike conversion kit, and you could see the specification and description or videos about how to install the ebike conversion kit.


Front wheel electric bike conversion kit


Imortor3- 350W

XIONGDA 2-Speed front hub motor kit







Rear wheel electric bike conversion kit

Smart rear motor kit-- SMA-Q

 48V 1000W DDkit

 XIONGDA 2-Speed rear hub motor kit

 Fat Tire Electric Bike Conversion Kit



Mid-drive electric bike conversion kit

BAFANG BBS mid motor kit

TSDZ2 mid motor kit

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