Electric Brake Levers v.s. Brake Sensor

Electrical cut-off brakes are an important safety feature on an electric bike. When brake, they will shut off the motor first.

There are two options available, replaced brake levers, or brake sensors that adapt to your existing brake levers.

Electric Brake Levers

electric brake lever 

electric bike brake lever

Inside the lever, there is a sensor that detects when you have pulled the brake cable, and then a signal is sent to the controller to shut off the motor.

Brake levers are not recommended if you have combined gear shifter on your bike, because you would have to swap for a stand-alone gear shifter to go next to the new brake lever. And it is not workable for a bike with the hydraulic brake lever.


Installation :

  1. Remove the grips from your bike.
  2. Remove the old brake levers.
  3. Slip the Electric brake levers onto the handlebar on your bike.
  4. Confirm the brake cable and electrical cable connection are good.


Brake sensors

Brake sensor, there are two types.

electric bike brake sensor

electric bike brake sensor

Brake sensor 01, is small and reliable, could detect and send the signal to the controller when pulling the brake cable.


Brake sensor 02 includes two parts- a magnet sensor and a magnet, sticks to the brake base, and a magnet which sticks to the lever. When you pull the lever the magnet moves away from the sensor and this cuts off the motor.

If you have combined gear shifters or hydraulic brakes which stops you remove your existing brake levers, brake sensor 02 is a good choice to shut off the motor.



You do not need to remove the existing brake levers on your bike, it is easy to install the brake sensor.

The install details please visit the brake sensor product page.