How To Replace The Handlebar Grips?

You'll need some replacement grips, a long, slim screwdriver or similar metal tool, a 5 or 6mm Allen key to loosen your levers and shifters, some hairspray, and some Lubricant to loosen the old grips.  


Grip Removal

  • Lose the brake and shift levers and throttle ( if any on the grip), Slide them in toward the middle of the handlebar.
  • Slide out or cut off the old grip.

 If you want to save the grips without cutting, spray Lubricant between grip and handlebar, giving it 5-10 minutes to work its way into the grip. Twist it to spread the Lubricant inside the grip and wiggle it all the way off the end of the bar.

 If you do not want the old grip, careful cutting with a razor blade is necessary; try not to scratch your chrome.


Grip Installation

  • Clean bar with soap/water to remove Lubricant, dust, and gunk. Give the bars a good clean scrub, using an old rag or sponge to get them as clean as possible.
  • Slide your grip onto the bike.

Note that lock-on grips require a hex wrench (Allen key), but you can easily loosen the bolt, slide the grip on, then tighten it in place.