Manual Wheelchair VS Power Electric Wheelchair

For people whose leg could not provide support, a wheelchair will bring great help.

There are manual wheelchairs, propelled by the user or pushed by a caretaker. Also, there are also electric power wheelchairs that don‘t require any assistance from others or physical strength to get around. They are propelled by batteries and motor- a rear wheel drive, mid-wheel drive or a front wheel drive motor.


Manual wheelchair VS power electric wheelchair, which is better? It depends on different conditions.

The budget?  The Distance? The upper body strength and stamina of the user? 

Manual Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair
  • Lightweight, Easy to transport
  • Lower price
  • Less maintenance
  • A user can be lifted up steps while in the chair if necessary
  • Most models are easier to navigate in tight spaces
  • No minimum strength required
  • Can go longer distances without getting tired
  • Going uphill or climbing without pressure
  • The battery and motor (mid, front or rear) offer personal preference for the different terrain (pavement, grass/dirt, etc.)
  • Require the right level of strength and balance
  • Can create new issues with repeated use (shoulder wear and tear)
  • Much harder to go longer distances or up slopes
  • More expensive to purchase and service
  • Much heavier and harder to transport
  • Higher incidence of maintenance
  • Requires regular battery charging
  • Programming controls can be sophisticated

If you want an electric wheelchair but want a lower price, you could consider the Electric Wheelchair Handcycle- the kit will change to a manual wheelchair to an electric wheelchair in a minute.